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Here is a little about me and my photography journey...
I picked up my camera the minute my first child was born. I wanted to freeze time and the thing that could do that was photos! I wanted to remember every wrinkle on his foot, his amazingly adorable pout, his tiny legs popping out of his Daddy's shoe, the way my husband looked at him after a day of working, I could go on and on! 
I quickly became focused on learning how to create artful images using light, composition, and movement. Once I figured out manual mode, it snowballed form there! I was renting lenses to find the equipment I preferred, I brought my camera everywhere with me, and I stayed up many of nights teaching myself through online courses, blogs, even Instagram at how I can become better. 

After dabbling in sessions with my friends families, I realized I loved capturing children because they keep it REAL!  Children are genuine,  authentically happy, mad, or sad and every expression is worth capturing. Kids jump on the bed without a care in the world, they laugh until they hiccup playing play peek a boo. It was these activities, smiles, and movement that I enjoyed capturing and wanted to remember of my own children. I then created a website in hopes to share my passion, and that is how Bowties & Bloom Photography came about. Soon after that I added lifestyle newborn photography and family photography to my list of photo love. 
Creativity has always been in my blood and I am happy that I have found the outlet and passion that I have been looking for. I like that photography is something that I will never master. I will always want to grow, explorer, and re-inspire myself over and over. 

I strive to take artful photos of children in their natural element from birth in an artful way.  I specialize in making sure my photos are unique, creative, true to the specific childs personality, capturing details, movement and play, and expression. I promise I will capture your families connections like I do my own. Life is hectic and goes by fast, let me help you remember these precious times!

Bowties & Bloom Photography LLC 


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